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3 Fools on 3 Stools

This dynamic trio showcases their musical genius, charismatic charm, and quick-witted comedy

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3 Painters

Watch 3 painters as they transform giant blank canvasses into larger than life tributes in mere minutes.

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360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth technology propels a video camera, mounted on a metal arm, on a 360 degree track around a central stationary platform.

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3D Architectural Mapping Projection

3D Architectural Mapping Projection enhances your room, building, or even water with 3D light mapping!

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3D Projection Cubes

Our amazing 3 Dimensional Cubes are the perfect way to bring stimulating movement and excitement to your event!

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3D Projection Dress

A show-stopping gown makes this female vocalist stand out!

A Little Party

A Tribute to the Golden Age of Jazz

Aerial Artistry

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Aerial Bartending

Surprise and delight your guests as the heavenly barkeep turns their world - and drinks - upside down!

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Aerial Crescent and Heart

Performances on this beautiful crescent or heart give audiences a view of aerial dance and dazzle the crowds.